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Friday, January 1, 2016

My next chapter 01-01-2016

After 14.5 years into a 6 month gig, I am once again on my own. In July 2001, I left Simtrex - a startup founded by a few good friends that was one of the many casualties of the 'Dot-com' bust (despite NOT being a Dot-com ourselves).

Initially, I thought it would take 6 to 12 months for the technology market to right itself, so I agreed to help the folks at Henssler Financial fix a few IT related issues, estimated to take about 6 months. Now, 14.5 years later - my work is done and I am once again, flying solo, semi-retired.

For the immediatate future, I will provide security consulting and auditing services for Henssler Financial and perhaps a few others, maybe give a few talks - nothing definite, I'm very much 'winging-it' at this point. I don't imagine many (anyone) will find this site, so I'm not concerned with it's presentation. It is mostly for my own edification - so, if you are someone I know, drop me a line... I finally have the time to do something other than work!

As for the OBG moniker - pretty much self descriptive, as I am an 'old bald geek'.

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